Max Warbington
Max WarbingtonSnowboard, Skate, Art
Max Warbington is a modern day DIY snowboard super hero. On his board he is bolts on all terrain at all times seemingly leveling up out of nowhere to manifest any trick imaginable. He approaches snowboarding with the mind of an abstract artist, the hustle of a day trader and the soul of a zen master. Off hill he’s creating in every direction for the culture, friends, environment, family and good times that keep him ticking. Whether he’s filming mind blowing video parts, winning contests, creating events, editing movies or giving time and effort for a great cause Max always keeps it poppin’.
Jake Price
Jake PriceArt, Filmmaker, Snowboard
Jake Price has led an interesting career path. From an up-coming Salem-Oregon am with a TWS checkout and some shots in a Whitey movie, “Minibike” as his friends and mentors called him, jumped straight into shred movie production, working on Robot Food’s seminal “Afterlame” film. After several full-length projects, including “Ir77” and “In Short,” Price is heading up the shred department at Volcom TV, masterminding webisodes like and Blizzard Bizarre.

When he’s not waist-deep in powder with Jaime Lynn and other Volcom heads, he’s making fun of it all on what we have to call — a little blog project that has somehow spiraled into a nexus of evil shred influence.

Russel Winfield
Russel WinfieldSnowboard, Legend
Uncle Russ is an established snowboarder in the 90’s, notoriously known for his ride style, bluntness and his hardcore partying. Snowboarder mag even named him ‘The Godfather’. He is without a doubt, a legend in his own right! Let us introduce you to the first pro black snowboarder – Russell Winfield.

When I started to research Russ, it became obvious very quickly that he was held in high regard. People feel privileged to have his time and for the ability to talk to him and be in his presence – no matter how straight talking he is.

Mike Yoshida
Mike YoshidaPhotographer, Filmmaker
Mike has been in the snow industry for well over a decade starting as a freelancer, to working with K2 snowboards as their staff photographer, and finally landing a gig with SNOWBOARDER magazine as the associate photo editor and social media manager.

From Japan to Europe and everywhere in between, Mike has traveled to the corners of the earth to create his images. His gamut of photography ranges from the most remote backcountry locations to the cold streets that have garnered urban snowboarding.

Brian Zager
Brian ZagerSnowboard, Art, Design
Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, he got his Bachelor degree in Studio Art at the University of Vermont. Now living at the base of Mt. Bachelor in Bend, Oregon, he works as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer making everything from logos to apparel lines to murals and more.

Jamie Lynn
Jamie LynnSnowboard, Artist
In the mid 90s, a young American snowboarder gave the word style a whole new meaning. Jamie Lynn embodied snowboarding in its purest form, concentrating only on the important aspects: simply riding clean with a timeless fluidity. Even today, every method air is still compared against his, which when he pulled one always looked like someone had hit the slow-mo button as he crossed up his body into that celebrated tweak. His parts in classics like the early TB videos or Stomping Grounds are legendary. He was never that fussed about contests and liked interviews even less. He’d rather back out and paint. However, although when we met him for this interview at ISPO he’d already done quite a bit of talking, was suffering from bad jet lag and scheduled to play with his band Kandi Coded in half an hour, there was no sign of stress. Jamie seemed to be completely at ease with himself and the world as he told us about his ‘comeback’, why cats are his idols and who could be the next Jamie Lynn.
Ben Ferguson
Ben FergusonSnowboard
Date of birth: January 21, 1995
Birthplace: Bend, Oregon, USA
Career start: 2013
Discipline: Snowboard Halfpipe

Snowboard star Ben Ferguson got an early start at competitive snowboarding. He began to turn heads with impressive results from a young age and inspired riding in halfpipe and slopestyle contests. Ferguson has been into outdoor sports since he was a toddler. When he was six years old, Ferguson’s father, the town dentist, put his son on his first snowboard at their hometown hill, Mt Bachelor. He put a sticker on the tip of Ferguson’s board and said, ‘Go that way’.

Ferguson got the hang of it quickly. He continued riding with his family, including his two younger brothers, and by age eight, he entered his first slopestyle contest at Mt Bachelor. “I didn’t know how it was going to go. I hadn’t really hit jumps before, but I had fun and kept doing it,” he says.

Garrett Warnick
Garrett WarnickSnowboard
A bit of a Jekyll and Hyde can Garrett (aka Worm) Warnick be. Calm, polite, charming, and gracious are all adjectives that would come to mind when you first meet Worm if you didn’t know his other side. Get a snowboard on him, and suddenly he becomes tactical, ruthless, inspiring, and somewhat sadistic. Worm is passionate about snowboarding and it shows in the way he rides through his creativity. When not snowboarding, Worm can be found surfing, skateboarding, mountain biking, and fishing…just to name a few.
Dave Harrison
Dave HarrisonFabricator, Car Builder
VANAGONLIFE started with Dave’s five-year old son Chase, who had never been interested in the hot rods and bikes he was always working on. When Dave bought his white tin-top, the rear end was totaled. He intended on using it as a parts van, but Chase wanted to fix it. Chase ran over to the toolbox, and grabbed tools to take off the wrecked rear bumper.

Corey Mcdonald
Corey McdonaldSnowboard, Park Builder
Bosie, ID local, Corey McDonald is the Idaho Captain of Snowboard and Master Park Builder.

If someone says they’re from Idaho and DON’T know Corey, we question their validity.

Sponsors: Dinosaurs will Die, 32, Crab Grab, Volcom

Jason Shurtz
Jason ShurtzSnowboard, Surf, Media
Jason, or ‘Shurtz’ as called by those around him, is an old school Central Oregon local and sideways sport junkie. Shurtz grew up in Bend, and like many others, became hopelessly addicted to the local Bachelor resort and mountains as a young lad. Now in his mid-40’s, he is a holdover and past local standout of snowboarding’s late 90’s hay days. Today he can still be seen getting on it any time conditions are worthy, even taking occasional scalps at local events as he did more than 20 years ago. Sideways antics continued, Shurtz also has a long standing obsession with the ocean and surfing. Frozen or liquid, sliding sideways on various elements of water certainly are his preferred forays in life.
Nora Beck
Nora BeckSnowboard
Hometown: Bend, OR

Birthday: June 6th, 1997

Sponsors: Burton, Tactics, Howl, Mt. Bachelor, Tokyo Starfish

Tossing combos in the thick of a rail jam, or battling for a clip in one of her notorious Too Hard video parts, Nora Beck’s uninhibited riding make her a showstopper. Nora’s roots at a tiny Virginia resort bred the creativity that got her noticed. But it’s her signature style and unflinching humor that’ve made her a relatable hero to aspiring street and slopestyle snowboarders everywhere.

Gabe Ferguson
Gabe FergusonSnowboard
The younger of the brothers Ferguson duo, Gabe — now 23 — is following in his big brother Ben’s footsteps in becoming one of snowboarding’s favorite young riders both in and out of the halfpipe. He travels and sessions mostly with Ben. Gabe finished 5th in SuperPipe at X Games Aspen 2016 and will make his fifth X Games appearance in 2018. He’s already hit the podium at major events, including a 3rd at the Mammoth Grand Prix in January 2016 and winning the Red Bull Double Pipe doubles event with his brother in March 2015.
Mason Lemary
Mason LemarySnowboard
SPONSORS: Ride Snowboards, 686, DC Snowboarding, Dragon, Tactics, Tokyo Starfish, Nixon, Chebahut, Mt. Bachelor
BOARD: Ride Berzerker
BINDINGS: Ride El Hefe
BOOTS: Adidas Tactical ADV
Carson Storch
Carson StorchCBD Athlete, Mountain Bike
Date of birth: May 3, 1993
Birthplace: Bend, Oregon
Age: 29
Career start: 2012
Discipline: Mountainbike Freeride/Slopestyle

Born and raised in the mountain town of Bend, Oregon, a place that seems to breed athletes, Carson Storch spent his early years riding BMX bikes, racing motocross and snowboarding in the winter.

“I was just riding for fun,” says Carson, of his mountain bike beginnings at the age of 10. “Soon I started filming with my friends. And eventually I stopped competing in other sports and decided to stick with mountain biking. One of the main reasons I’m really comfortable doing spins on my bike is because of my snowboarding.”

Rex Shepard
Rex ShepardBackcountry Skiing
Born and raised in Bend, Oregon. Rex feels lucky every day to have grown up in such a wonderful place that provides streamlined access to multiple recreational opportunities year around.

Rex is an avid adventurer that regularly enjoys backcountry skiing, mountain biking, trail running, hiking, snapping photos, filming and travel.

Buster Tronolone
Buster TronoloneFilmmaker
Buster is a Director of Photography working as an independent contractor. Recently working with Patagonia Surf (since 2012), 10 Barrel, Mt. Bachelor, Danner Boots, Coalition for the Deschutes, Nemo, Weiden Kennedy, Hydro Flask, Traeger, Gerry Lopez Big Wave Challenge, Caldera Springs, Sunriver Resort, Lacross, MTT(Golf App), Nike Junior Golf, The City Of Redmond, Redmond Municipal Airport, Maui Visitors Bureau Lanai, and more. Buster also works as the Director of Photography and in house Drone Operator for Wahoo Films since 2016.

Recently working as cameraman DOP as an independent through Wahoo Films Buster has worked with many clients and just to name a few, Facebook, Navis, Bend Distillery, Sony Playstation, Travel Oregon, Microsoft, Deschutes Brewery, Central Oregon Land Watch, Bend Police Dept., Warm Springs Tribal Council, DynaCast, Entek, Bend LaPine Schools, the Old Mill, Gear Fix, Realms Middle School, Deschutes River Conservancy, Sunriver Resort, Horse Power, Upper Deschutes Watershed Council, Smart Cloud Robotics, Bend Beer Chase, RedBull Matt Hall Racing, and more.


Fletcher Dragge
Fletcher DraggePennywise Guitarist
He’s a South Bay success story—not only as one of the founding members of one of the most commercially successful punk rock bands in history, but also because he didn’t blow all his money living the rock star lifestyle. Fletcher is a prolific investor, an entrepreneur and a Hermosa Beach homeowner.

James Jackson
James JacksonPerformance Coach
James Jackson is the Red Bull mindset and performance coach. He has mentored and coached riders like the Ferguson’s and half pipe champion Scotty James as well as past champion’s like Jana Meyen.
Curtis Ciszek
Curtis CiszekSnowboard, Fly Fishing Guide
“Ride, eat, snowboard.” Raised in Bend, Oregon, Curtis is a multi-faceted athlete who’s as comfortable in the water as he is on the snow. His laid back style translates to a quiet, unsuspecting demeanor which has become as much of a trademark as his riding. Having an all-terrain style makes watching Curt ride one of our favorite things todo. From traveling all around the world from Japan, Chile, to Alaska, Curt stills finds himself at Mt. Bachelor here in Oregon. Some might say he’s become a local legend of sorts. Featured in films such as “ENERGY” and “SFD”, Curt’s love for riding natural terrain, and having a great time with his buddies, has become a staple of his identity. It all comes together in his latest project – Farm To Table. Along with riding pow, Curt can be found on the Deschutes River in search of Steelhead. Curt also enjoys mountain biking, surfing, and has become pretty damn good at beer drinking as well. Whether you see him on the hill, or on the river, make sure you give this dude a high five.