Original story published May, 2017 Words: Pat Bridges; Photos: Mark Clavin.

When it comes to competitive snowboarding nothing compares to the ubiquitous stoke and democratized showmanship of a springtime quarterpipe session. Sure, banked slaloms appeal to soul shredders and speed freaks alike while X Games-esque spectacles have the wow quotient covered, but no matter if you are an active participant or a beer sipping bystander, none of the above compares to a good old fashioned QP jam.

Oftentimes resulting in mid air collisions and inadvertent over unders. Unlike slopestyles and other vast arenas where only a portion of the course or park can be seen from any one spot, even the least attentive QP onlooker can see a riders full run uninterrupted from the time they strap in to the point where they return to earth and ride it out.

Cheers and props are parlayed with an intimacy that is lost over distance. Inside jokes can be enjoyed by everyone in earshot and a couple of decibels can mean the difference between an intimate assessment and a high-profile appraisal. When a rider battles to raise the bar the whole crowd gets behind them hooting, hollering and high fiving.

As intimidating as quarterpipes may seem to the uninitiated, as far as contest venues go they are ironically a relatively level playing field, simply because of their rarity. Unlike what’s seen at slopestyle, halfpipe, banked slalom and jib events, there aren’t any quarterpipe contest jocks and in turn, there are few favorites. Veterans, groms, wildcards, weekend warriors and local heroes all can be considered contenders on quarters because technical ability can only carry you so far. Furthermore all it takes is a slightly miscalculated line for a rider to encounter over vert or under vert in turn sending the sender violently to the flatbottom or deck respectively.

In no other discipline are straight airs so widely revered meaning a double overhead method universally elicits more respect on a quarterpipe than any lip flirting huck ever could. If a rider wants to set themselves apart from the pack all they need to do is hike higher than the rest of the field, tuck the runway straighter and take less turns into the tranny.

All of the above and more were apparent at the 2nd Annual Max Warbington Quarterpipe Campout. Held at Mt Bachelor, OR on May 20th & 21st, Max Warbington’s signature showdown brought together an amalgamation of some of the finest riders and human beings in the shred scene today. Heavy tricks were thrown down amidst a light atmosphere rife with comradery, sativa smoke, sun burned skin and some roughhewn color commentary from none other than cinematic savant John Stark. Spencer Schubert, Dru Brownrigg, Jake Kuzyk, Austin Smith, Max Tokunaga, Bryan Fox, Phil Hansen, Jeff Holce, Jared Elston, Tim Eddy, Naima Antolin, Erik Leon, JD Dennis, Andrew Pace, Blake Paul, Forest Bailey, Will Dennis, Parker Szumowski, Tucker Andrews and of course Max Warbington and his younger sibling Gus sessioned the multi-tiered and jib/wall strewn setup for two days straight, only pausing once the sun dipped over the horizon. Wallride handplants, 50-50 450 outs, tuck knee Haakon flips, chicken wing mctwists, Rippy Flip flyouts and numerous other stunts were executed to much acclaim. At dusk the awards were presented and both a new LTC Utah edit and Freddy Perry’s Benchpress premiered to universal regard. A full breakdown of the awards are below as is a highlight reel of the event filmed & edited by Tyler Orton. In addition to the efforts of Max Warbington and his family, the Quarterpipe Campout was made possible with support from Mount Bachelor, Airblaster, Dang Shades, Drink Water, SnoPlanks, Crab Grab, Bent Metal, Tokyo Starfish Dispensary and Gnu.

It is no coincidence that this event was the 2nd Annual Quarterpipe Campout. If last years gathering was half as good as its 2017 iteration then no wonder that a sophomore effort was in order. Quarterpipe contests are too fun, too entertaining, too rad for them to be just one and done. Add to the onhill action the after hours mini ramp antics, impromptu movie premieres and THC TLC from Tokyo Starfish and it makes you want something like this to happen weekly, not yearly. Thanks to everyone involved and here’s to the quarter pipedream that years from now, SNOWBOARDER will be covering the Max Warrington’s 54th Quarterpipe Campout.


First Place: Mike Rav
Best Trick: Parker Szumowski (Extension McTwist)
Yead Daddy Award: Jared Elston
Queen: Niama Antolin
Lost Your Marbles: John Stark
Blind Send: Jake Kuzyk
After Hours: Forest Bailey
Overall Impression: Andrew Pace

Map: Where Can Adults Legally Buy Marijuana In Oregon? Almost Everywhere

Original post: April 19, 2016

Oregon’s recreational marijuana industry is booming. Recreational sales in the state have only been legal since Oct. 1, 2015, but already there are more than 300 locations where adults age 21 and older can legally purchase cannabis for recreational use.

Legal grown cannabis is Oregon. Photo: John Rosman / OPB

According to data from the Oregon Health Authority, there are currently 418 dispensaries registered to sell medical marijuana. Under Oregon law, medical dispensaries can also opt to sell cannabis to recreational users; 333 of the licensed dispensaries have opted to do so. This provision is set to expire December 31, after which recreational sales will fall under the regulation of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.

While this seems like a lot, the numbers will only go up from here. The OLCC, which will assume full regulation of the recreational market on Jan. 1, 2017, began accepting applications for recreational dispensaries, producers and processors in January 2016. As of April 19, 2016, the OLCC has received more than 884 license applications — 610 producer (grower) applications, 155 retail applications, 70 processor applications, 43 wholesaler applications, five lab applications and one research certificate.

OLCC spokesperson Mike Pettinger told OPB earlier this year that the organization is focused on building out the recreational infrastructure first and will issue licensees to producers, wholesalers and labs before issuing licenses to retailers. The OLCC anticipates it will begin licensing recreational dispensaries in October.

The map below shows the OHA licensed dispensaries where adults can purchase marijuana as of April 20, 2016:

Bend, Oregon Dispensary Brand Tokyo Starfish Branches Out to the Salem Dispensary Market

Originally published on on 12/23/20 via Newsfile Corp. Salem, Oregon.

Tokyo Starfish, the on-the-go oriented dispensary brand founded by alums of the action sports worlds, has opened its fourth store in Salem, Oregon. With three established stores in Bend and a number of ‘Best Of Central Oregon” accolades to back up its reputation, the move is sure to shake up the already competitive cannabis market in Salem.

The shop held its soft opening on November 30, and has already begun to win over cannabis consumers in the state capitol with great customer service and a vibe that is all its own. “We want our customers to feel like it’s their best friend on the other side of the counter,” Jason Shurtz, Marketing Director explains. “We definitely bring quality and professionalism, but there’s a laid back and friendly vibe to it. And at the end of the day, we like to say have fun and don’t take yourself too seriously.”

That a brand like Tokyo Starfish would be born in a place like Bend, with its reputation as the outdoor and urban playground of Oregon, should come as no surprise. Nestled in the Cascade Mountains along the Deschutes River, Bend is the unofficial adventure hub for the region. Hence why owners and staff at Tokyo Starfish are just as likely to be up riding at nearby Mount Bachelor or the local skatepark, as they are managing inventory at one of the shops.

Although Salem is located a couple of hours from Bend, Shurtz is confident that the brand will resonate with cannabis consumers in the city. “We really strive to create an environment that makes you feel relaxed and at home from the moment you step through the door. ” When asked why Tokyo Starfish chose Salem as the location for their latest shop, CEO Kale Gray said, “Salem was one city on a short list of new locations for us. When it came down to decision time, we felt that Salem shared the best connection to our current operations in Bend. Whether it’s Bend residents passing through to head to the valley or beach, or Salem residents headed over the pass to soak up some High Desert sun, skiing in winter, or a river float in summer, there’s a constant overlap of people who are looking for the Tokyo Starfish experience right in the heart of our states capitol.”

Inside the TOKYO shops, walls are peppered with mementos and images set to inspire our customers to get outside. Very casual and creative with a touch of humor, their shops capture the adventurous spirit and on-the-go ethos that Tokyo Starfish embodies.

A vertically integrated dispensary, Tokyo Starfish’s in-house products represent a similar philosophy. “We see cannabis as part of many people’s everyday lives – something that’s a source of enjoyment and adventure,” Shurtz says. “Just like us, a lot of our customers are frequently on-the-go, busy living life, so we wanted to create products that fit with that lifestyle.” And because there aren’t many things better than a good pre-roll doobie either at home or out adventuring around, Tokyo has put a lot of emphasis on the pre-roll and joint pack product segment with the release of their Tokyo Starfish branded pre-roll singles and 5-packs called “DOOBIE“.

In the Tokyo shops, customers can always choose from a wide selection of Oregon’s best flower, edibles, concentrates, shatter, infused drinks, tinctures, and more. They also want to take care of the deal hunters, so always have regular on-going specials, as well as additional vendor deals happening each week. Call or stop by to get specifics! “We’re incredibly excited to join the cannabis community in Salem and hope that folks will come and check us out,” Shurtz says.

To learn more about Tokyo Starfish, visit their website or stop by their new Salem shop today!


Watch 2020 disappear into the sunset with your own mini-vacation RETREAT in Bend, Oregon

We’re super stoked to have TOKYO STARFISH grown Maui Wowie used in the latest round of Willamette Valley Alchemy Sativa Retreats. To celebrate this epic collaboration we’ve teamed up to giveaway TWO nights stay in our Bud n Breakfast* and TWO day tickets to Mt. Bachelor**. This giveaway is open to anyone over the age of 21.

Formal rules to enter the giveaway: FOLLOW each account on instagram –

GRAB a tin of Sativa WVA Retreats made with Tokyo Starfish grown Maui Wowie from your favorite dispensary

POST a picture of yourself and maybe some friends on Instagram using the hashtag #tokyostarfishretreat, enjoying the epic tropical vibes

A winner will be chosen based on creativity, humor and overall good times shortly after we kick off 2021.

The fine print:
– Sativa Retreats pictured must be made with Tokyo Starfish Maui Wowie
– *Bud n Breakfast booking dates subject to availability
– **Mt. Bachelor tickets given in the form of value equivalent gift card
– Must use hashtag #tokyostarfishretreat in your post to be found!


‘Tis the season once again to celebrate the holidays and say adios to this crazy year 2020.

Here are the hours and specials that will be running into the start of the New Year at all TOKYO STARFISH locations:

Holiday Hours

Christmas Eve 12/24/20: 8am – 4pm

Christmas Day 12/25/20: CLOSED

New Years Eve 12/31/20: 8am – 9:45pm

New Years Day 1/1/21: 10am – 9:45pm

(click here to preorder for pickup)

Holiday Specials

Magic Number Vendor Week Monday 12/21 – Sunday 12/27: 30% OFF all Drink Magic Number Products

Christmas Eve: 15% OFF Storewide

New Years Eve & New Years Day: 15% OFF Storewide

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Summer Strains

Local budtenders weigh in on what they’re recommending for summer stoke, and also dealing with a pandemic

Original article published to The Source Weekly Bend, June 24, 2020 by Nicole Vulcan.

Amid the ongoing stress of a global pandemic, summer has arrived. Some days that might mean hitting it hard on the water or trails. Other days, it might mean coping with lingering stress and worry about finances or physical and mental health. At Bend’s cannabis dispensaries, budtenders dole out a lot of emotional support while they help people choose products that meet their current needs.

Local budtenders agree that Magic Number sodas are delicious! - COURTESY MAGIC NUMBER

We checked in with a few local ‘tenders about what they’re recommending for these competing—and sometimes concurrent—priorities of summer 2020.

Dana Catt, Tokyo Starfish West

For getting out on the trails: “I’m loving the new formulas for Magic Number sodas,” said Dana Catt, a budtender at Tokyo Starfish. The sodas offer some hydration as well as a mellow high, and she says she likes to mix them with other juices to make a “cannabis cocktail.”

For pandemic stress: Catt recommends Tokyo Starfish’s CBD daytime tincture, a 10:1 formulation of 10 parts CBD to one part THC, which she said helps to relieve her stress.Enjoying this story?We depend on your support to help fund our coverage. Support local, independent media with a small monthly or one time contribution. Thank you!

Maggie Fry, Dr. Jolly’s

For summer fun: “The Cherry Vanilla soda and Ginger Beer from Magic Number,” recommended Maggie Fry of Dr. Jolly’s. “The flavor is awesome and the high is super pleasant—less hard than edibles, and perfect for hikes or taking it to the river.” The sodas, made by a local company, come in varying dosages, from 10 milligrams to 25 or even 50.

For pandemic stress: “I smoked a lot during quarantine,” Fry said, with mostly indica flower. “The Dr. Jolly’s Sunday Driver, an indica, is one I like to smoke throughout the day to calm down and mellow out. Happy to have flower there to keep me sane.”

Justin Pohll, Top Shelf Medicine

For summer fun: Whether he’s fishing, working on motorcycles in his garage or taking the dog out for hikes along the Deschutes River, Justin Pohll of Top Shelf Medicine enjoys sativa-dominant hybrids. “You get that uplift and drive to go out and do things,” he said. “Durban Poison is one I really like—a great flavor, great effect that is overall euphoric.”

For pandemic stress: “Hybrids or indicas,” Pohll recommends. “There’s lots of flower being smoked right now—lots of edibles, too. Now that people have time at home, they’re getting creative with their baking and experimenting with other types of cannabis products—trying their own recipes. I also like the Highland Provisions gusher gummies—great flavors. What’s really cool is they’re using an agave tincture as the liquid, so your body is going to feel the effects more quickly.”