The Origins:

Marijuana became legal in Oregon and customers were presented with two options: Bob Marley posters on the living room walls of Captain Stoney’s weed shop, and white-coat medical shops that tried to look like an Apple store. We found both of those scenarios slightly uncomfortable, and frankly, not representative of how most people we knew preferred the experience to be.

We decided to take a new approach. Tokyo Starfish redefined the cannabis shopping experience to reflect our everyday lives—A way of using marijuana that was casual, creative, and on-the-go.

From the outset, Tokyo Starfish portrayed a new vision for the evolving legal cannabis movement. A vision that considered weed an object of enjoyment and adventure rather than gluttony or pretentiousness.

The Name:

There is no denying that the Tokyo Starfish name is super random. It started as an inside joke while the owners were on a snowboarding trip to Japan. On a layover in Tokyo, through unusual circumstances, one of them became a “starfish” in the middle of the road, lying on his back, limbs outstretched.

From then forward, The Tokyo Starfish was born.

Obviously the name stuck. Now Tokyo Starfish has aged into a fond memory of our shared backgrounds in action sports, our lifelong friendship, and a reminder to never take ourselves too seriously. *

*(Mushrooms may have been involved)

The Shops:

Our dispensaries are the mainspring of Tokyo Starfish’s unique cannabis shopping experience. From the moment you walk into one of our shops you feel relaxed and welcomed. The service is first-rate and informative. Like your best friend is behind the counter. Our inventory has something for everyone without being overwhelming.

The design of our store fronts are rooted in our personal experiences. In each of our shops there are nostalgic mementoes from our pasts and things that inspire us while on-the-go. Surfboards that our friends have shaped, our favorite vintage snowboards hanging on the walls, and photographs that keep us on-the-go. In this environment, we like to inspire customers to go on their own adventures (and maybe smoke some weed along the way).

The Products:

Tokyo Starfish’s house brand applies the same values of familiarity and adventure that you see in the shops. Never straying too far from the classics, our product line is our unique take on cannabis use on-the-go.

Playing off of our sense of nostalgia, our branding playfully tips its hat to the cannabis products we grew up on. Our brand is high quality, non-contrived, and uses a touch of humor where needed.

After all, it’s just weed.